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Chapter 2

Laurent Veldekens
& Erik Van Uytven


4 December 2020

FLYER 1 + 2


Laurent Veldekens

“Paintings as echoes of gambling games, newspaper parts and recovered images. Annihilation through factory work. Dialogue through negation. The paintings are windows of perception. The works represent a collective apnea. Let them live”

The practice of Laurent revolves around negation, erasure and distorted references. It symbolises trough the embodiment of painting, a lost paradise. Collages and fragments of our harsh socio-economic reality reappear under the seemingly idillic imagery of swimming pools : asking us to question the construction of our collective desires and our post modern reality .

Eric Van Uytven

Every social event Eric Van Uytven orchestrates, is a chance to enrich his work with new layers of meaning around that moving catalyser. The gathering of engraved messages and scratches in the hard shell of his vehicles articulate a subconscious collective language that is the base of his poems, sculptures and video work. Waiting for it’s total annihilation, the life of the car is ritualized and tackles our idea of freedom and survival in a post industrial world!

“A car rolls from place to place, city to city, stopping at public spaces, streets, squares, shops, cultural centres, art venues. The driver, invites local people artists and non-artists as well, to scratch the car, leaving their mark on its surface. The route is planned, the scratching event is planned for those who have received the news and spontaneous for passers-by. Participation, the inclusion of locals in this creative activity is key to the project. By the time the car reached its final destination, it bears the visual signs, the memories of a large number of people; connecting them into a narrative of many voices.

The closing event, at the final destination, is a happening where the car is dismantled, taken into parts and enters an art space, a museum, an exhibition hall, event space or gallery, where its parts are then exhibited for a while, along with visual documents and written records.”

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